Most people have had at least one X-ray during their lifetime. This form of medical imaging is used when a doctor suspects you’ve broken a bone or when one of many other health concerns arise. However, there is another type of medical imaging you may need at the request of your doctor or our own personal inclinations and that is the CT scan. You’ll find that queens diagnostic imaging centers provide the CT scan just like they offer the X-ray for patients.

A CT scan is a special type of medical imaging. It is used to make diagnoses of many different health ailments and concerns. This medical imaging allows the doctor to get a good view of the patient’s body from the inside. The patient lies down on a special mat that sends an arc of X-ray beams throughout the body. This gives doctors a detailed image of the area of the body that he needs to see. Some of the reasons your doctor may schedule a CT scan include:

·    You cannot have an MRI. There are some people who cannot have an MRI performed for one reason or another. Some people simply cannot lie still for the up to one hour of time the MRI takes. The CT scan provides the perfect solution.

·    The CT scan is used for a variety of health ailments and conditions. One of those is examination of the blood vessels. Whether the doctor suspects a blockage or there are other concerns, the CT scan is there.

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·    When the doctor needs to see a specific area of the body, the CT scan allows him to examine small components of the body at once. This includes small bones.

·    Is there soft tissue damage? There is one very good way to find out and that is through a CT scan. Unlike an X-ray, the CT scan provides the clear images the doctor needs to make an accurate diagnosis.