best lab coats for female doctors

Just ask any of your patients. They see someone at a distance in a white coat and already they assume that it could be you. Or if not you, it could be one of your esteemed colleagues. How so? Well, for one thing, that someone is wearing a white lab coat. But you know, it could very well be the local butcher. Or the fishmonger. The baker or the candlestick maker. Getting things real, it’s been a longstanding tradition for bespoke tradesmen and women over the years.

To wear the standard white coat. But slowly but surely, commercial businesses have re-branded themselves contemporarily. And part of that rebranding evolution means changing the uniform. It’s out with the boring and drab. Out with the neutral white. By the time the baker’s delivery men have come around the corner, the folks will know it’s that baker delivering the fresh, warm rolls. It’s an interesting concept.

It, of course, works on the mind a little bit differently in the clinic or surgery room. The neutral white may well instill a sense of calm in your patients. But how about livening it up a bit? The best lab coats for female doctors, and let it be said, their male peers too, will no longer be neutral white. The closest they will come to this killer of a pale color will be off-white or cream. Jazz it up a little. Or perhaps it’s better to give your coat a bit of the floral, feminine touch.

It’s like putting a vase of flowers at the recovering patient’s bedside. And if you’re looking after the kids, why not wear a lab coat that’s resplendent with their favorite animals and comic book heroes. You’ll be a superhero to them for wearing it.