Your tongue is an important part of your body that most people do not think about. The tongue helps you taste foods, chew, and swallow, but just like other parts of the body, can experience its own share of problems. If your tongue is sore or you feel pain, it is hard to take your mind off of the feeling. You may need to visit a newport news dentist to help resolve sore tongue issues.

There are many things that can cause a sore tongue. Sometimes it is nothing more than a burnt tongue that is causing issues. If you drank or ate something that was too hot, this is likely the problem. If the pain doesn’t subside by the next day, the problem is likely something much more severe.

Canker sores are responsible for many soreness issues. A canker sore is a small white spot that is found on the tongue, the cheeks, and the lips. You’re prone to canker sores if you have emotional or physical stress after an illness, eat a lot of pacific or spicy foods or there are hormonal changes in the body. Most canker sores heal without any intervention aside from OTC products sold at the drugstore.

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Cold sores can cause soreness problems. Caused by the herpes simplex virus, cold sores are contagious and spread through contact with an infected person. If the sore pops up near the tongue, it may cause pain. Burning Mouth Syndrome is a rare condition that causes soreness with the tongue. Tumors can also cause the tongue to suffer from pain. It is sometimes hard to differentiate between a canker sore and a tumor so it is important to visit the dentist twice per year as recommended by the ADA to ensure your good oral health.